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MONOM & MIRA Present : 'Imagining the Hyperspace' by IOANN in 4DSOUND

  • MONOM 18-50 Nalepastraße Berlin, Berlin, 12459 Germany (map)

"The world around us certainly seems to be three-dimensional: the space and objects within it have length, height and depth. We perceive this through our human senses: we have two eyes and two ears that produce two-dimensional nerve signals allowing the brain to interpret the perceived information and build a three-dimensional picture of the world. But how come we are so sure that there are only three spatial dimensions? Who said that what we perceive is the real world, rather than a shadow theatre, the projection of something more complex that surpasses our ordinary renditions of perception? From a mathematical point of view, there doesn’t seem to be any problem adding any required number of dimensions. How could we then recognise four-dimensional objects, if they exist? And how can we project them into our three-dimensional reality? And if there is a fourth dimension, what prevents the existence of a fifth? Is there a limit?"

These are some of the central questions in IOANN's work Imagining The Hyperspace. Curated as part of 4DSOUND: Reflections From the Inner Mirror, IOANN presents a series of nine sculptures of each a particular geometrical shape in sound - from very simple ones, such as a line, triangle and square to highly complex ones such as the pentatope and octaplex. The intention of the work is to enable the listener an intuitive, physically embodied experience of complex multidimensional structures and geometrical concepts.

Together with 4DSOUND founder, Paul Oomen , he created Imagining The Hyperspace which seeks to reveal the multidimensional nature of listening. Geometrical sound shapes, manifesting themselves physically in a three-dimensional space, become (at least) four-dimensional as the listener discovers himself to be a defined point that is part of the shape. Thus, the perception of shape changes each time we move through space, tilt our heads or rotate our bodies. We become essentially aware that the construct of space we perceive is an attribute of our consciousness, and that this perception can be altered.

Imagining the Hyperspace invites to explore space beyond our ordinary perception, to discover what else is inherent to human nature and how we are able to evolve consciousness, using sound to attain a deeper awareness of space and its multidimensional character.


‘Imagining the Hyperspace’ runs 3 hours in its entirety. Guests are welcome to enter MONOM quietly at anytime but experiencing the whole work is encouraged.

Your ticket will gain you entrance to either showing.


16:00 -19:00

Tickets are 8€
Pre-sales available here.


IOANN, is the current artist project of Ivan Sapozhkov, born in Tyumen, Western-Siberia, Russia. Graduated from the department of Philology at the Tyumen State University in 2006, his musical career spans from his early childhood classical music training up to Sapozhkov founding his first rock- and metal groups in the early 2000s. For several years he toured as vocalist and guitarist with Russian mystic-metal band Molot vediM and released the worldwide acclaimed studio album Asylum in 2004. Since 2006, He began to experiment with forms of electronic sound and virtual instruments, working in the field of experimental sound, film and theatre as a composer and musician. In 2014, Sapozhkov founded his experimental sound studio and label Negativespace.

In 2016 he was Artist-in-Residence at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, where he continued his research into the perception and spatial projection of multidimensional sound structures.


The Spatial Sound Institute is a research and development centre for spatial sound technologies and practices based in Budapest, Hungary.

Since its opening in October 2015, the Institute hosts a multidisciplinary program cultivating spatial sound as an emerging area of study. Housed over 3 floors of the AQB arts complex on the banks of the river Danube, the facility is centered around a large-scale 4DSOUND studio used for artist residencies, educational workshops, and regular public events.

The Institute also maintains a historical archive of works created in 4DSOUND over the past decade, with projects and publications from over a hundred contributors in the fields of music, technology, architecture and media arts.

MIRA Digital Arts Festival

MIRA is a digital arts festival based on three interconnected areas: exhibition, divulgation and education, and is held annually in Barcelona (since 2011). Focused on the intersection between art and digital culture, the festival features a programme comprised of audiovisual shows in both traditional and fulldome formats, digital art installations, screenings, conferences and workshops.

MIRA wants to bring the audience closer to several realms of artistic creativity through an event with two main objectives: to function as a platform for new creators as well as a showcase for world-renowned artists and to create unique immersive experiences through technological innovation and the interlacing of live music and visuals.