Funkhaus Berlin is a 50 000 m2 Bauhaus building complex that was specifically constructed for sound recording, broadcasting and live concerts. 

Photos provided by Funkhaus Berlin


Funkhaus was built in the 1950s as the radio broadcasting center for East Germany within the USSR.  The design of the Funkhaus came out of three founding principles - perfection, practicality and a focus on creative production. 

When the wall fell, the Funkhaus was freed and almost forgotten - had it not been for its magnificent sound structure.

Today the Funkhaus is being resurrected as a broadcasting centre for our time - where creation, production and exhibition are all united within one magnificent and enormous complex - one that fosters experimentation and innovation.

Building on its legacy as a network of expertly engineered studios and performance spaces, it is becoming a cultural enterprise befitting the international artistic and innovative epicentre that Berlin has become.

As of today, the Funkhaus attracts visionary artists across a variety of disciplines, with a focus on music, to create and collaborate within these one of a kind acoustic environments, to showcase their talents and expand the possibilities of their creative ambitions.